Angelina Jolie is a SUPERWOMAN

In a society that has put out such steadfast and finite ideals of what feminine beauty means, its so hard to not cling to archaic ideas of what is truly beautiful. So much of our identity as women is wrapped up in breasts. They are an obsession. To make a choice to have a double mastectomy is so brave, so inspiring, so truly the definition of strength that it only emboldens my previous ideas about Angelina Jolie.
She is the one. Just a truly bad bitch. My admiration grew tenfold.

Below is a link to the article Angelina wrote in the NY Times about her double mastectomy.
The woman is a marvel.

This is beyond the scope of frivolity that I normally deliver. I just was so moved by the article that I had to repost it.
Heroically brave.
Blew me away.

How To Stunt

     This is pretty much what I would look like for Fall 2013
If I was balling out of control and generally stunting on
every person within my vicinity. I love a good fur, (don't judge me)
being leather mommied out, and being covered up like a born again Amish-Mormon sister wife. All this soothes my ladyboy soul.

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award


all capitals, no trick spellin

naomi & grace

naomi & grace

marie honda is the s@#$!

marie honda is the s@#$!