salut mes amis


It's been a long time
since I've had you on my mind...

I've been hugely busy
procrastinating and being ambivalent
about the state of this blog.

should I stay, should I go?

Im just gonna post shit I like from time to time
and Ive made the blog public...
Seems silly not to now.
It was originally for my bestie
as an online " YO THIS SHIT IS DOPE!"
kinda thing.

Im starting a project about the SFV
(San Fernando Valley)
titled "Victory+Belmar"
and its going to be so Valley!

818 love forever.


Celine, Margiela and Mr. T

pretty much how I' m looking these days.
and how Im smelling these days thanks to Whit.
The ungettable get, Margiela Untitled.
and my signature Mr. T side mohawk and rings.

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award


all capitals, no trick spellin

naomi & grace

naomi & grace

marie honda is the s@#$!

marie honda is the s@#$!