the more you ignore me, the closer i get...

hello lovey
ive missed the steady
stream of consciousness
that comes with talking to yourself via blog.
its so self satisfying
theres no one to answer to
no want to impress
im in this weird happy/sad limbo
and all things art are the remedy
im going to post from
the all encompassing photo folder
that i keep a password for
(paranoia please? your check has arrived)
i know that one person
whos opinion i hold very dear
is wanting me to post more
so here you go lovey
i miss you
much ♥

i ♥ Paris...

sooo yo blogosphere (yuck)
paris is the most
i cannot for the life of me
begin to talk about the many wonders
the architecture, the fashion, the people
lets not even talk about food
ive grown a second ass already.
im like the fattest person here
which doesnt bother me as much as i thought
because it makes you special
like beth ditto. (love)
ive gone in a totally new direction fashion wise
its all military and japanese asymmetrical
anti body conscious
because streetwhore is out.
heres a few from Paris.
im gonna post as often as i can
which isnt because i conduct my entire life
on a blackberry that needs therapy.
im sewing capes and anoraks like crazy but making little money
because friends look at you with the scooby doo face
when you tell them 300 bones for a cape. (cheapasses)
how am i gonna be the black Margiela
at this rate?

c'est la vie, bon vivants


this was a beautiful gallery. i just wanted to live here.
paris is the most lucid dream ive ever had.
i just want to live here so that i could study
the ateliers alone are

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award


all capitals, no trick spellin

naomi & grace

naomi & grace

marie honda is the s@#$!

marie honda is the s@#$!