its been a long time since'a rock n roll...

hows it been love?
ive not posted all month long.
been running round LA
slathered in drama
and countless errands.

it wont happen again.

belated shana tova
you know i love the feast.


this post is dedicated
to just one photographer.
i am forever smitten
and it was love at first sight
Sylvie Blum is just so divine.
She an LA photographer and
her nudes are so thick and lush
with perfect detail to the female form.
I originally wanted to start showing you
five photographers at a time
I had a previous draft of this post
and couldnt decide on one Blum photo.

thats my fave.
thats when it has that magic.

Sylvie Blum is so nude chic
so subtle and provocative
all at once.

so ill post again later since
you're all mal-nutritioned.

it wont be a photo story.

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award


all capitals, no trick spellin

naomi & grace

naomi & grace

marie honda is the s@#$!

marie honda is the s@#$!