nothing more than you can feel , now thats all there is

when theres money involved with art
it becomes contrived.
theres no way to not think about shit like
demographic, originality, risk-taking
it just becomes , less than organic.
it should be about the love.

lets take my quasi obsession
with nude (or semi nude) photography.
there's a line between art and pornography (of course)
but i don't think Ive crossed it yet in my posts.
one person who stumbled upon my blog
was very quick to call me a "low budget pornographer"
and some other "colorful" names that I'll save for later tonight.
yeah you heard it...

he was so mad that i had a little warm, fuzzy feeling.
it got to him, probably in a weird way that he didn't like-
but he was inspired to say something-
a very judgmental and puritanical something
but something...
and he said it to me even.

i appreciate the blatant truth from people
especially sometimes when its negative.
I feel like you need to shake people up,
because contrary to popular belief
people say what they mean when theyre offended.
i sometimes wonder if im just some elitist malecontent
whos just pushing back because thats the rebel way...

but at least i mean it.

go make something beautiful.

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award

lisa bonet- coolest chick ever award


all capitals, no trick spellin

naomi & grace

naomi & grace

marie honda is the s@#$!

marie honda is the s@#$!